We Are Mission Integrators

We enable our clients to institutionalize technology into every aspect of their mission

We provide hands-on, scenario based training to demonstrate sound technical best practices. Integrating technology into your mission doesn't need to detract from your operational objectives.


We enable our customers to expand their reach through both private and public networking infrastructure. We obfuscate, protect, and control content and users in order to safeguard the most critical aspects of your work.

Secure Networks

Our team integrates commercial communications, tactical radios, ground and aerial based systems for FMV and other technologies to maximize the outcome of your mission. From procurement to configuration and management, we serve as true technical mission partners.

Technical Integration

We employ solutions and TTPs to reduce your digital footprint. No longer will your digital signature follow and highlight your presence as you travel the world.

Signature Reduction

Ridgeline employs a cadre of UAV pilots who provide consulting and operational support for ISR, mapping, communications relay, counter-UAS, and passive collection. We train/ advise/ assist/ equip partner forces in UAS & associated TTPs.

Unmanned Integration

Our officers provide global technical assistance and possess both the technical and tactical acumen to integrate in a direct support capacity with our customers. We provide OCONUS side-saddle mission advisement, technology integration, and strategic planning.

Field Support

About Us

We focus on challenging problems. We deliver innovative technical solutions to overcome obstacles experienced at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels. We strive to develop trusted relationships with our clients by providing dedicated and relevant technical officers who can collaborate with both end users as well as senior leadership. We iterate quickly and deliver boutique, agile, and tailored solutions to address the exact needs of your mission.

Our Team

Incorporated in early 2015, we have grown to over 100 employees. We consist of an equal mix of developers, trainers, and technical subject matter experts. No two employees possess the same professional experience – collectively we are diverse, capable, and excited by complex problems. Our officers have deployed to the front lines of the most austere environments as well as served as trusted advisors to the most senior government officials.

Join Our Team

We hire multi-threaded people that enjoy working across multiple projects simultaneously. We are a mix of developers, trainers, prior military, and general technical subject matter experts.

Flexible Work Schedule

full time, part time, summer, remote, project based.

Challenging Projects

we will equip you and then ask a lot of you.

Immediate Impact

your projects will greatly impact our customers.

Contact Us

Email : contact_us@ridgelineintl.com
Phone : +1 703 544 2424